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Best Jewelry Websites: How Do You Measure Success?

Your Online History Must Be As Authentic As That Of Your Jewelry Store

The history of your jewelry store is important to you and your customers. It is the purpose behind your mission statement and it is what drives every decision you make. Well, the history of your website data is equally important – and just as easy to understand, thanks to Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about your website. This includes monitoring number of visitors, their activity level, what pages they visited and it also has the ability to track your social media investment. The most important component that we would like to discuss is Google Analytics’ historical tracking. Historical tracking can help assess sales trends from last year to predict upcoming trends for this year. It can also help a great deal in how you purchase merchandise for your jewelry jewelry websites

The best jewelry websites use Google Analytics not only a website tracking tool, but also for overall business research. Comparing keyword analytics from one quarter to the next is a great way to understand what consumers were interested in during a certain period. You can also check out which blog posts generated the most traffic and comments. Those popular topics were clearly important to your visitors and might be just the trick to bring them back into your store.

Tip: If you are planning to upgrade your website, you should make sure your Analytics account is transferred to the new site. You don’t want to wipe away your online history – it’s part of who you are, and it will help you become the jeweler you want to be.

At Facet Marketing, we genuinely want to know your history: both your store’s history and your Google Analytics history. We’re conducting a little research of our own to assess and analyze the jewelry industry with regards to websites and online presence. We would love your participation in this simple, 7-question survey. It will take 2 minutes and it’s completely confidential!

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