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Follow Up: Rapaport Tells All in “Showing Off” Colored Gemstone Displays

Our very own, Kat Campion, and other jewelry brand experts divulge the secrets to the best colored gemstone displays.

RapaportWhen it comes to colored gemstone displays – the product is the hero. So let those gemstones shine! Don’t be afraid to step outside the box with your colored gemstone displays. However, we suggest you take a few tips from Facet Marketing Group’s brand strategist, Kat Campion.

Kat and a select few of the industry’s retail jewelry experts were quoted in an article called “Showing Off” by Rapaport’s, Brook Showell this November. In this article, Brook captured the best advice on how to effectively and uniquely show off colored gemstone displays in your retail jewelry store. Here are some of the highlights from the Rapaport article:

Lights, Camera, Action! : Lighting is the most important aspect to a beautiful display. We don’t have nearly enough space in this blog to explain all of the details about lighting, but one essential piece of advice from Rapaport was: warm colored gemstones show best under warm, white light (2,700-3,500 degrees Kelvin); whereas, cooler colored gemstones dazzle under cool, white light (4,100-5,500 degrees Kelvin). Be careful though! Some stones such as pearl or amber are heat sensitive, so make sure your cases are well ventilated and keep all heat sources at a reasonable distance.

Setting the Scene: With the rising popularity of LED’s, white backgrounds easily get washed out. Because of this, neutrals are being used more frequently. We also recommend mixing background textures and dimensions to make the gemstones really pop! Kat advises jewelers to envision the look of the display from every angle. “Put things at unusual angles and set props at a diagonal…be sure to leave space in your display so you can move your hands around the case and freely access a piece without disturbing the others.”

Color Combinations:  Display colored gemstones whose colors coordinate well with the season. In addition, you don’t have to be monochromatic. It is a great idea to pair different colored pieces together in the same case. This is a subtle way to suggest unique color combinations that the customer may have never thought of. Luxury customers desire exclusivity. By showcasing unique pairings, you are giving them this opportunity and enticing them to purchase.

Think Outside the Box: When used wisely, props can enhance the drama and luxury of your colored gemstone displays. Kat suggests using natural materials such as wood, bark, stone, cork or even coffee beans to compliment the jewelry instead of outdated silk flowers and gaudy trinkets. With colored gemstones, you have more freedom to entertain, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your display.

If you take one piece of advice from the Rapaport article, just remember that the product is the hero – the star of the show. So whatever tactics you use to enhance your colored gemstone displays, be aware your objective is to romance your customer so they buy the product, not just so that they enjoy the show.

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